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Sport law: the “ius soli” for sport approve by Italian Government

Following the article pubblished few days ago, we have to pay attention to the social status of foreign children. Yestarday morning the Italian Government approved a bill about the social integration of foreign children resident in Italy troghout/by the admission in all the sportive clubs of the national federation. Bill passed with 215 pro, 6 cons and 2 abstentions.

The case of foreign children is an actual theme, not only in Italy. Yesterday Fifa comunicated that the football market of Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid has been locked.

The two clubs are responsible for violating a number of provisions concerning their own transfer of children players, in violation of Art. 19 – FIFA Regulation on Status and Transfer of Players, on the international transfer of players under 18 years.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has established that Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will not be able to operate in the next two sessions of the market. A penalty similar to that inflicted on Barcelona, not long ago, that only in this winter session could return to the market. Atletico and Real were also fined respectively 900,000 and 360,000 Swiss francs, and have 90 days to regularize the situation of all the players in the minors concerned. Amazement by the Real Madrid to find out that, among the names of the 39 young people irregularly transferred, there are also the names of the three children of Zinedine Zidane. One of the exceptions to Article 19, which allows to acquire underage children, is the fact that they are not separate from theie family and that they are allowed to live in the city of their parents. Zidane lived in Madrid from years and his children have started playing in the city where he lived; also for this reason the first reaction of Real’s managers was scepticism. Clubs announce to contest the sanctions to the FIFA’s Appeal Board.

Written by Giuseppe Saeli

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